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After installation your virus protection is active. You can access any of the additional features of the software by opening the SecurityCenter. If any intervention is required you will be automatically informed by the relevant information in the task bar of your computer. With just one click you can fix any problems regarding your G Data software to ensure full protection of your computer. This can be achieved by means of the Security Status symbol.

As long as a green tick is displayed next to the Security Status your system is protected.

A red exclamation mark denotes that there are problems with your software and you should take immediate measures to ensure that your system is fully protected.

If you click on the button Correct, the software will suggest which measures you should take to ensure that your system is fully protected. Select the displayed actions one after the other until the Security Status turns green. The button will then become inactive and can only be used again if there is a degradation in your security status. After correcting any reported problems the Security Center can be closed. The Security Status also reports the following additional information:

A yellow symbol indicates that intervention by the user is shortly required.

If the placeholder symbol is displayed it means that the corresponding feature has not yet been activated.(e.g. Spam protection).

All features and settings that you see beneath Security Status symbol can be used if you would like to be actively involved in the security of your system ( e.g. Virus protection or virus signatures) - but this is not a requirement! Decide for yourself how involved you would like to get with the virus protection of your system. In the following sections you can see which areas of your software are already optimally configured and which areas could be optimized. The following symbols lead you to the corresponding security status area.

Settings: Using this button in the top right-hand corner you can access the settings window where various areas of the software can be configured. The relevant feature can be selected and suitable settings can be configured. You can find more information in the section: Settings

To the right of the Settings symbol you will find additional functions by clicking on More:

Display help: From within the software it is always possible to evoke the detailed help pages. Just press the F1 key or click on the help symbol depicted here.

Logs: The software displays current logs for all executed actions (Virus check, Update, Update, Virus detection etc.).

Create BootCD: The BootCD is a useful tool for removing viruses from  a computer that is already infected. The use of the BootCD is recommended especially for those computers that had no virus protection before the G Data software was installed. You can read how to create and use a BootCD in the section: BootScan before installation.

Features not available e.g. Creation of BootCD is not available? Possibly the option BootCD was not selected during installation of  the G Data software. You can however install missing features by inserting the installation CD into the drive and repeating the installation and selecting the additional features.