Parental controls

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Parental controls

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You can use parental controls to regulate surfing behaviour and computer use for your children.

The parental controls are not included in a standard installation of the G Data software. However they can be installed later at any time.

Dropdown menu

If you click on the Parental Controls header, a choice of actions that can be carried out directly from here is displayed.

Open parental controls: You can use this function to open the G Data parental controls in a new window where you can carry out a detailed configuration.

Activate for: As administrator you can enable or disable parental controls for every user of your computer. The security settings can be edited in the parental control interface itself.

To be able to use parental controls, the checkbox for Process Internet content (HTTP) in the G Data software web protection area must be set, otherwise the parental controls will not function properly. You can find this option under Settings > Web protection > Internet content (HTTP).