Activate licence

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Activate licence

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If you have not yet registered your G Data software, you can do this right now by entering your registration number and customer data. Depending on the type of product, you will find your registration number e.g. on the back of the user manual, in the confirmation email for a software download or on the CD sleeve.

On entering the registration number your product will be enabled.

Click the Login button and your access data will be generated on the update server. If the login is successful, an info screen appears with the message Logged in successfully, which you can exit using the Close button.

Warning: you will also receive your access data for your documentation and for any software reinstallations by email. Therefore please make sure that the email address indicated in your online registration is correct; otherwise you will not receive the access data.

Finally the access data is automatically transferred to the original input mask so you can now update virus signatures via the Internet.

Unable to activate your licence? If you cannot log in to the server, this may be due to a proxy server. Click on the Internet settings button. You can then check the settings for your Internet connection. In the event of problems with the virus signature update you should generally first check to see if you can access the Internet at all via a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). If you cannot connect to the Internet at all, the problem probably lies with your Internet connection and not with the proxy server data.