CPU load

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CPU load

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Under the G Data header you can see the current load the software is placing on your computer. The total current load on your computer is displayed under the System header. During scans the system load caused by the G Data software can be very high; however, under normal use your G Data software should use very little processing power. So if your computer is responding more slowly than usual, you can see at a glance here if the G Data software is carrying out a detailed scan or if your computer is being slowed down by something other than a system check.

By default your G Data software is set up in such a way that it only scans your computer when you are not using it. Therefore virus checks only ever run when you will not be interrupted by them, like a screensaver. Permanent virus protection by the virus monitor is of course fully enabled all the time.

Virus check: Regular checking to see if viruses or malware have embedded themselves on your computer.

Virus monitor: Continuous protection of your computer against malware attacks.