Malware feedback

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Malware feedback

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The G Data Security Labs are constantly researching ways to protect G Data customers against malware. The more information there is available, the more effectively the protection mechanisms can be developed. There is plenty of information available, but only on systems that are attacked or infected. The G Data Malware Information Initiative was set up to include such information in its analyses. For this reason, information relating to malware is sent to the G Data Security Labs. Through your participation, you can contribute to helping make the Internet safer for every G Data customer to use.

Malware: a collective term for all files, programs and code that are designed to infect, spy on or control computers without users knowing. This includes viruses, worms, rootkit viruses, trojans, keyloggers and much more.

When installing the G Data software you can decide whether or not you want to provide data to the G Data Security Labs.