Operating parental controls

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Operating parental controls

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You can use parental controls to regulate surfing behaviour and computer use for your children. The parental controls are essentially designed to be self-explanatory and clear. Using various tabs that you can select by clicking the icons displayed on the left, you can switch to the relevant part of the program, where you can perform actions, set defaults or review processes.

The parental controls are not included in a standard installation of the G Data software. However you can install this retrospectively by running a customised setup (see section Installation).

Additionally, you can find overlapping functions and settings in the menu bar at the top of the program interface.

Testing: As an administrator, this is where you can check whether the restrictions you have defined for particular users are having the desired effect. The Test mode lets you check that websites that are to be blocked cannot be seen via your Internet browser, and thus making sure that the settings are correct.

Settings: This is where you can adjust the basic operational settings for parental controls and adapt them to your individual requirements.