Virus signatures

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Virus signatures

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In this area you can see information on software updates.

Last update

This is where you can see when your computer last received updated virus signatures from the Internet. If this entry is highlighted in red, you should run a virus update as soon as possible. To do so just click on the entry and select the Update virus signatures option.

Next update

Under this entry you can see when the next update will be carried out.

Virus signatures: Viruses and other malware can be detected using characteristic properties. Your G Data software includes functions for blocking viruses on the basis of their behaviour. However, using a virus signature (which can be regarded as a profile), makes it incomparably faster and more effective to detect and combat the malware concerned. But virus protection is only truly secure if these profiles are regularly updated over the Internet using the G Data database.

Dropdown menu

If you click on the Virus signatures header, a choice of actions that can be carried out directly from here is displayed.

Update virus signatures: Normally updates for virus signatures are run automatically. If you want to run an update straight away, please click on this button.

Disable automatic updates: Select this option if you do not want the G Data software to bother automatically updating the virus signatures. However, disabling this entails a high security risk and should only be done in exceptional cases.

Settings: You can use this button to access basic settings options if necessary. Please read about this in the section entitled: Settings – AntiVirus