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Under the Licence entry on the left-hand side of the program interface you can see how long your virus update licence is valid for. Constant updates are more important for antivirus software than for any other type of software. Therefore the software will automatically remind you to renew your licence before it expires. The best way is via the Internet – convenient and easy.

What happens when my licence expires?

A few days before your licence expires, an information window appears in the task bar. If you click this, a dialogue window opens in which you can extend your licence easily in a few steps. Just click on the Buy now button, complete your data and your virus protection will be guaranteed again immediately. You will conveniently receive the invoice by mail in the next few days.

This dialogue only appears at the end of the first year. Thereafter your G Data licence will be automatically extended every year. However you can cancel this subscription at any time without giving reason.

How do I get additional or extended licences?

Naturally you can increase the number of licences you have or upgrade to products with increased functionality at any time. If you click on the Extend licenses entry in the SecurityCenter, you will be taken directly to the online shop on our website. You can use the Enhance range of functions entry to go to the UpgradeCenter, where you can order the enhanced functionality in our other software versions (subject to special conditions).