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If you intend to uninstall the G Data software again sometime in the future, the easiest way to do this is by clicking on the Uninstall button in the G Data program group. The uninstall then takes place automatically. Alternatively, you can also uninstall the program using the Windows Control Panel.

Windows Vista, Windows 7: On the Windows taskbar click on the start icon (normally at the bottom left of your screen) and select the Control Panel folder. Here you will find the option Programs > Uninstall a program. Select the G Data software from the list here and then click Uninstall to initiate the uninstall process.

Windows XP: Click Start on the Windows taskbar and selectSettings > Control Panel > Software. You can then use the mouse to highlight the G Data software on the Install/Uninstall tab. Then, click the Add/Remove button to run the uninstall process.

If you still have files in the Quarantine area of your G Data software during the uninstall, you will be asked whether or not these files should be deleted. If you do not delete the files, they remain encrypted on your computer in a special G Data folder and are therefore incapable of causing any harm. You can only use these files again by reinstalling the G Data software on your computer. During the uninstall process, you will be prompted whether you want to delete settings and logs. If you do not delete these files, the logs and settings will be available on reinstallation of the software. Complete the uninstall process by clicking on the Exit button. The software is now completely uninstalled from your system.