Virus found

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Virus found

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If the G Data software detects a virus or malware on your computer, you can handle the infected file in the following ways.

Log only: The infection is listed in the Logs view. Repair of deletion of the affected file does not occur. However, you can individually check the detected viruses via the log and remove them in a targeted manner. Warning: If a virus is only logged, it continues to be active and dangerous.

Disinfect (if not possible: move to quarantine): Here, an attempt is made to remove the virus from an affected file; if this is not possible without damaging the file, the file is moved to the Quarantine. Please read about this in the section: How does the quarantine work?

Move file to quarantine: Infected files are immediately moved to the Quarantine. Files saved in the quarantine are encrypted. The virus cannot cause any damage here, and the infected file is still available for possible repair attempts. Please read about this in the section: How does the quarantine work?

Delete infected file: This function should only be used if there is no important data on your computer. Always deleting infected files can, in the worst case, result in your Windows becoming inoperable and requiring a reinstallation.

Quarantine and mailboxes: There are files where a move to quarantine is not recommended, e.g. the archive files for mailboxes. If a mailbox is moved to the quarantine, your mail program can no longer access it and may no longer work. You should therefore be especially careful with files ending in PST, since these usually contain the data from your Outlook mailbox.