Email check

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Email check

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The email check enables you to scan incoming and outgoing emails and file attachments for viruses and eliminate possible infections at the source. The software can directly delete file attachments or repair infected files if viruses are found.

In Microsoft Outlook email checks are carried out by using a plug-in. This offers the same protection as the POP3/IMAP-orientated protection function in the AntiVirus options. After installing this plug-in, you will find the function Scan folder for viruses in the Outlook menu Tools, with which you can check your mail folders individually for virus contamination.

Dropdown menu

If you click on the Email check header, a choice of actions that can be carried out directly from here is displayed.

Disable email protection: Please select this option if you do not want the G Data software to check emails. However, disabling this entails a high security risk and should only be done in exceptional cases.

Settings: You can use this button to access basic settings options if necessary. Please read about this in the section entitled: Settings - Email check