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Your G Data software will permanently protect your computer from viruses and malware. An icon appears in the taskbar at the bottom next to the clock, so you can see that the protection is active.

This G Data icon tells you that everything is OK and that protection for your computer has been enabled.

If the monitor is disabled or some other problem occurs, the G Data icon displays a warning message. You should then start the G Data software as soon as possible and check the settings.

If the G Data software is running a data download from the Internet, it also displays a specific icon.

If you right-click the icon, a context menu appears which you can use to control the basic security functions of the software.

The following functions are available:

Launch G Data software: This allows you to access the SecurityCenter where, for example, you can configure the virus monitor settings. Read about what you can do in the SecurityCenter in the section: SecurityCenter

Disable monitor: You can use this to disable and re-enable the virus monitor as required. This may be advisable if, for example, you are copying large volumes of data from one part of your hard drive to another or running memory-intensive processes (such as copying DVDs, etc.). You should only leave the virus monitor disabled when absolutely necessary and make sure, wherever possible, that your system is not connected to the Internet during this time and that it cannot access any new, unscanned data (e.g. from CDs, DVDs, memory cards or USB sticks).

Disable firewall: If you use a version of the G Data software with an integrated firewall, you can switch the firewall off via the context menu if necessary. This means that your computer is still connected to the Internet and any other networks, but the firewall is no longer protecting it against attacks or electronic espionage.

Disable autopilot: The autopilot is a component of the firewall that decides independently which queries and contacts your computer is supposed to accept via the network and Internet. The autopilot is ideal for normal use and you should always have it enabled. Like the firewall, the autopilot is available in certain versions of the G Data software.

Virus update: Antivirus software should always be fully up to date. You can of course have the data updated automatically by the software. However, if you urgently need an update, you can launch one via the Virus update button. Read about the purpose of a virus update in the chapter: Updates

Statistics: Here you can view statistics on virus monitor checking processes, as well as find information on idle scans, web filter messages and other parameters.