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Permitted content

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Opens a dialogue window where you can permit specific Internet content for the user currently displayed. Select the categories you want to permit by checking the relevant boxes. Now click OK to permit access to the websites relating to the criteria you want.

If you click on the New button, you will open a window where you can define your own permitted content (also called whitelists). There you can give a name (and a short description if you want) to your personally created filter.

Now, click OK. A dialogue window will open in which, for example, you can create a whitelist of websites suitable for children. Under Filter, enter the domain name components you want to permit. If, for example, you want to permit access to a website with child-friendly content, you can enter e.g. and thus permit access to this website. Now indicate in the Description field what is contained on this website (e.g. Elefanti - child-friendly website) and enter the site's exact web address under Link to website. The description and the link to the website are important if, for example, your child tries to access a website that you have not permitted. Instead of an error message, an HTML website will appear in the browser listing all the websites on the whitelist and a description. This allows your child to directly access the websites he or she is permitted to visit. Once you have added all the entries, click Add and the whitelist will be updated to include these details.

The filter also searches for parts of domain names. The results can vary depending on what you enter in the filter. Broader or stricter criteria can be useful here, depending on the website.