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You can create more settings in this area.

Scan unread emails in the inbox at program start: Only for Microsoft Outlook: This option is used for checking email for suspected spam. The G Data software will then check all unread email in your Inbox folder and subfolders as soon as you open Outlook.

Other email programs (using POP3): For technical reasons, email received via POP3 cannot be deleted directly. If a filter is supposed to reject emails, this email is then assigned a default replacement text. The replacement text for rejected email is: The message has been rejected. However, you can also customise the text for these notification functions. In the text that you define for the subject line and email text, the following wildcards (defined using a percentage symbol followed by a lower case letter) are available:


%s        Sender

%u        Subject

In your email client, you can define a rule that automatically deletes emails containing the replacement text defined here.