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Personal filters

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In this area you can modify the whitelists (permitted content) and blacklists (prohibited content) you have compiled and create entirely new lists manually.

List types differ fundamentally from one another, as described below:

Whitelist: If you set up a whitelist for one of the users selected above, the relevant user can only view websites specified in this whitelist. The Master data area allows the administrator to set up the whitelist according to his/her wishes or to select an appropriate list for a user from a number of predefined whitelists. A whitelist is particularly suitable for allowing younger children restricted Internet access, enabling them to use websites with beneficial educational content only.

Blacklist: A blacklist allows you to block access to selected websites for a specific user. Otherwise, the user has free access to the Internet. Please note that this function allows you to block specific pages but that identical content may still be accessible on other websites. In this regard, a blacklist of Internet addresses can never provide complete protection against unwanted content.

You cannot run a whitelist simultaneously with a blacklist since, by definition, a whitelist already imposes the strictest possible access restrictions.

The following buttons can be used to edit the exclusion lists:

Delete: The Delete function enables you to delete the selected lists quickly and easily with the mouse.

New: Use this to set up a completely new blacklist or whitelist. The procedure for using this function is the same as that described in the sections entitled Prohibited content and Permitted content .

Edit: This allows you to modify the contents of an existing list.