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If updating the software or virus signatures via the Internet does not work, you can perform all the operations necessary to enable updates to take place automatically in this area. In the options, enter the access data (user name and password) that you received via email when you registered your software online. The G Data update server will use this data to recognise you so updates can now run completely automatically.

If you have purchased a new licence and want to activate it, select Activate license. The Internet settings display special options that are only required in a few exceptional cases (proxy server, other region). The version check should only be temporarily disabled if you are having difficulty updating the virus signatures.

Automatically update virus signatures

If you do not want the G Data software to bother automatically updating the virus signatures, you can remove the check here. However, disabling this entails a high security risk and should only be done in exceptional cases. If the period between updates is too short for you, you can adjust it as you want and e.g. specify that updates should only be carried out when connecting to the Internet. This option is useful for example with computers that are not permanently connected to the Internet.

Generate log: If you check this box, each virus signature update will be recorded in the log, which you can view in the additional functions of the G Data software (in the SecurityCenter under More > Logs). Besides these entries, you will find e.g. information on virus detections and other actions carried out by the software in the log.